Why You Must Select Exede Over DSL

Exede Broadband is an important discovery in satellite Internet technology. On the other hand, DSL or digital subscriber line refers to a group of technologies that offer Internet access thru digital data transmission over telephone network wires. Obviously, these two different services will be pitted against one another, particularly when it comes to the Internet speed.

Consumers who are eyeing to obtain an Internet service for their home or office should compare Exede to DSL because these are the latest trends in Internet service. In the end, it’s up to the consumer to select what he or she wants. However, a little research on the services wouldn’t hurt potential subscribers. According to ViaSat, Exede can offer up to 12Mbps in some areas of the United States. It also emphasizes that this speed is very fast when compared to the average DSL. Another offering of ViaSat is an Internet service with a speed of 5Mbps, which is called Exede5.

DSL boasts an average data bit rate of 256 kbit/s to 40 Mbit/s downstream. However, there are various aspects that may affect the speed and these include the DSL technology used, service-level implementation, and line conditions. Thus, it’s recommended that you should examine these factors as well.

Aside from the speed, another significant issue that needs to be met when comparing Exede and DSL is the pricing of the package. For as low as $49.99, anyone can enjoy 12Mbps speed from Exede Broadband. But, this price restricts the Internet consumption to 7.5GB monthly. You can find DSL packages that you think fits your Internet needs. But, if you have reservations about the performance of DSL, you can always secure reliable and high-speed Internet from ViaSat with its Exede offering. Surfing the Internet or working online becomes hassle-free and fast because your Internet service can be relied upon.




The time has come for you to compare Exede to DSL so that you will be much better off with Exede.

In an FCC study of the broadband performance of US, Exede 12 showed to have a higher speed than the average speed in DSL. If you are an Internet junkie this means a lot to you. With exede 12 you will be able to do the things you want to do with the Internet to your heart’s delight. You can do all those things at faster speeds. You will no longer be waiting for days just to download one movie or video that you have been dying to see. You will be able to enjoy video chats that have greater quality of video with your friends or family members. You can do all of this with Exede 12.

Exede is the newest Internet service offered by ViaSat. The reason they can offer such fast Internet speeds is because of their very capable communication satellite, their upgraded web technology and equipment. Customers of Exede will also get a new equipment and a  new modem as well once they subscribe. The new modem is designed to be compatible with the latest Web technology of ViaSat.

Even though Exede has a variety of plans to choose from, these plans have greater Internet speeds compared with the speeds from other Internet service providers. The plans are priced according to the amount of data the customers will use per month.

The things you do in the Internet require data transfer. For simple things such as Internet browsing a small amount of data transfer happens. But for activities such as movie streaming or downloading then a much bigger amount of data transfer takes place. So it is highly recommended that you choose a plan which is suited to your needs.